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Belle DUO 350X 14" Twin Blade Petrol Floorsaw for Micro-Trenching

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Micro-Trenching is a fast and efficient cost effective method of creating a trench to allow for the installation of cables and ducts in existing hardscape, allowing for the connection of premises to the main fibre network.

Advantages of Micro-Trenching

  • More econimocal than other conventional methods
  • Faster cable laying
  • The road surface can typically be operational the same-day
  • Substantial reducion in disruption to road users
  • ENvironmentally friendly proceedure

The Belle DUO 350X 14" Twin Blade Petrol Floorsaw with 13HP Honda Petrol Engine has been specifically designed for Micro-Trenching and similar applications to cut narrow, shallow trenches. It is designed to be used with two 14"/350mm diameter blades fitted at a fixed 100mm apart, or it can be used as a conventional floorsaw with just one 14"/350mm blade.

Benefits include: Low Hand Arm Vibration levels - Patented design - Twin Blade setup to reduce operation times - Innovative Guard that never exposes the blades - Ideal for Trench Cutting - Easily transported (fits in the back of small vans) - Specially moulded 25L detachable Water Tank - Foot operated Depth Adjustment for speed, simplicity and safety - Robust Construction - Can be used with a single blade

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